September 22, 2010

Preface -- The First Post

Theme song: Dance in the Dark, Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster

This is simply a re-iteration and extension of the blog's description for those of you who don't always look up. This is also meant to be taken as my disclaimer to you. Trust me when I say that this is a VERY good habit to teach yourself, as it could possibly save you from, for example, a ton of glass falling on you (or a bird voiding its bowels on you -- I must say that I'm rather more attracted to this one as it's less morbid but the implied warning is the other one more visible and clearly-stated). True story.

This blog is, most importantly, a semi-collection of bits of day-to-day knowledge that I come across. It is, mostly, meant to be humorous, tongue-in-cheek, tart, semi-cruel, mocking and, most importantly, glib.

Note that much of the people's names I refer to in here have been changed and/or may be based on people I know. In no way does the contents of this blog necessarily represent my personal views on any particular topic(s) considered here; in all (or most, where applicable) cases, I see myself as on the fence (I do not use this expression very lightly) with regards to a large selection of (sometimes) secular topics that arise from day-to-day. Where characters appearing in posts are based on people I actually know and interact with on a daily (or semi-daily or non-similar) basis in real life, no offence is meant to be taken on by the actual person/people on whom they are based. I shall take no responsibility for any toes apparently being trodden on. You have been warned.

Moreover, this blog is to be seen as a sandbox (i.e. every post in here is taken to be compartmentalized and isolated from the outside world -- note that the italicized words are the important ones here! -- every post is an island) rather than a platform from which to make any accusations, attacks or anything similar of the sort.

With all of the preliminaries out of the way, please enjoy reading the posts here in this blog (at least as much as I've enjoyed writing them please, otherwise it'll be pointless). Laugh out really loudly, rub your bitch's (the female dog; not the other interpretation) tummy, smile and be melancholy.

I remain, as always, your most loyal and submissive housemaid, lover and friend.


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