September 27, 2010

Breaking Barriers

Theme song: Imagine, John Lennon, Old School

If a world without religion and culture were to be good for anything, it would be good for helping to break down those barriers between people. At least there'd be one less thing to argue about.

Unless we all try to accept each other's religious (and I may perhaps be being a tad restrictive here in my usage of religion type) and cultural views, there's no way that we'd be able to overcome all of these barriers.

The above may be an example of how many these days may think.

I, however, would perhaps present one simpler argument: if we returned to the basic fact that we are all human -- that we all have feelings that can be hurt, can love, can hate, have times where we experience intense grief and intense happiness, then trying to break down these barriers would be a far simpler task -- the question of religious and/or cultural views shouldn't even matter! And, if we could do this, perhaps we could be able to co-exist with minimal (if none at all) friction that could arise from any account of circumstances.

But I guess it's not always as easy for one to love one's neighbour as one would love oneself... I sure know that it's difficult. But I'll keep trying nonetheless.

I remain, as always, your most loyal and submissive housemaid, lover and friend.


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  1. What you have left out is the philosophical question which precedes this: Is it an ideal goal to destroy the uniqueness of ethnicities, cultures, languages, religions, etc? There's a fine line between tolerance and forcing a lowest-common-denominator standard upon everyone, thus erasing cultural differences.

    Before we even get to 'how to break down barriers', we first have to consider exactly what we value and wish to preserve, and proceed from there.

    As a side note: removing all distinctive cultural traits between humans will not remove conflict between them. Conflict is a natural part of life and will always exist. If it didn't, change would be impossible.