October 30, 2010

The Lagrange/Residue Theorem

I've been studying Mathematics and Applied Mathematics for four years now. And I've been studying Physics for two.

Over the past years, I've learned many fascinating results, six of which had stood out to me:  Ampère's Law and Gauss' Law from Physics and Lagrange's Theorem, the Cauchy-Goursat Theorem, Jordan's Lemma and the Residue Theorem from Mathematics.

I won't delve into any of the details of their proofs, nor will I bother stating them either, but I will say that they do provide us with exceptional -- and sometimes unbelievable -- results. If your problem is of a particular type, you can apply one of these little buggers and BAM, your problem is all solved!

It's a pity that many real-life problems can't be reduced to a form applicable to one of these theorems...

On a lighter note, I must agree with people who turn off their phones to avoid an annoying caller. Apparently, this runs deeper. They did a great job on it though...


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