November 07, 2010

Air Conditioning

Went for an interview this morning, and then I decided to meet up with an acquaintance of mine to break into all of this impending Mathematical Physics for the exam on Monday.

But she's late. Got my email this morning only, apparently.

So I'm stuck in this lab and it's fecking FREEZING in here! I really should go and ask the sisi's to turn up the temperature, but it's to no avail really... And here's the low-down on the air-conditioning temperature:



Elsewhere: FREEZING.


I'm really not entirely sure as to who came up with this strange logic of air conditioning temperature, but whoever they are, they're spiteful.

One explanation was that they're trying to stop students from sleeping in the lab (yes, they do). The others were a tad creative but rather monotone and redundant at the same time (the air-conditioner is broken, for example).

But, really now, these were all of Friday's worries. I started this post on Friday and then sort of left it until now, since I'm really procrastinating going on with Mathematical Physics. And I really should start on it, but I'll do that now. The interview went well, I think. I hope. :/

On the topic of Mathematical Physics: Friday's revision session was quite productive, I think. Our dear professor (God bless him) outlined the syllabus of the paper for us for each question (yes, including mark allocations). It was lovely. I then proceeded to ask him for advice on one particular question on the heat equation and Fourier Transforms. This little gem appeared on a past paper and was worth 12 marks --  exactly how much the proposed question for tomorrow's paper is. And that cat-that-got-the-cream-grin on his face he had as I described the question and he realised what I was getting on about: PRICELESS!

And we all saw it.

I guess I've got a question to study carefully now, so I'm off and will leave you hanging. :)

Much love and blue fuzz.


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