November 09, 2010

Ice Water

Theme Song: The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats

I like ice water. It's heaven on a really hot day and a slight relief when you're running a high fever too. And, when your head's too hot, it brings you back to reality too.

That's ice water.

Sometimes if someone leaves you alone for too long, you become desperate. Desperation is something we all know about. Frankly, the context I'm using takes me back to Janet's song in The Rocky Horror Show: Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me. In this song, she apparently recognises that she's been denied any physical pleasure and now wishes to given in to and accept her feelings of lust. I guess the lyrics make it obvious enough. On that note, Dr Frank-N-Furter's Sweet Transvestite comes to my mind too. In this case, the context is similar, though also markedly different at the same time.

Truth be told, I'm really hinting at something but I prefer to do The Safety Dance around it. I mean, hey, it's safe to dance, it's safety dance.

But let's forget what I'm dancing around for the moment and focus on the ice water. What this needs is a glass of ice water. Ice water to douse the flames, cool the heads, cool the hearts and to swallow the painkillers with. Yeah, lots of those.

I dedicate this to one person in particular. My thoughts were with you today.


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