November 08, 2010

The Stuff of Legends

Theme song: All music from Pokémon Emerald and Crystal

I wrote my Mathematical Physics final exam today.

Have you ever made use of a past paper for revision purposes and then got to the exam, only to find that you're looking at EXACTLY THE SAME PAPER?

Yes, I had such a once-in-a-lifetime experience this evening. It felt awesome, and now I'm busy floating on a cloud of awesomeness. But something'll probably happen to take me off that awesomeness but I'll just make like it doesn't exist for now.

And in any event: the polyphonic background music from the Pokémon games really has a tantalizing appeal to it... I'm actually tripping on the stuff as we speak. So far, Pokémon Emerald and Crystal have the best music.

On a lighter note: I like this guy. His Lady Gaga impersonation's brilliant! Though the appearance leaves something to be desired...

Enjoy the week my little fluffballs!


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