December 08, 2010

Hot Sex and a Funeral

Theme song: Dear Old Shiz, Stephen Schwartz, Wicked OST 2003

Ah, my little fuzzballs, it makes my heart very glad to write for you once more! One of my aunts died during the last week and, as one can imagine, the tiger is currently out of its cage. This post I dedicate to her memory.

I attended the funeral on Saturday and, as you can imagine, there were LOTS of people. I'd say that approximately only 1% was sad, 69% were hypocrites (there was one in particular) and the balance was just plain curious.

I don't like funerals. My reason is that they are almost always hypocritical, long, distasteful and, on the whole, overdone. People stare into the dead person's coffin for ages on end, supposedly trying to find "closure" and saying their last "farewell's". Now I don't really know exactly what these people are on, since from the way I see it, you do generally not try to find closure by staring at a dead person's corpse and saying farewell to a corpse (please note that I've put this in boldface) is moot. I believe that if you utilise your time well with any person while they're alive, you wouldn't need to spend hours staring into their coffins, willing them awake again and you'd certainly also not need to look into their coffins to bid them farewell. All-in-all, the ceremony, I was told, was mediocre and perhaps the truest and one of the nicest things that was said about my aunt were the messages read to the congregation from her former principal when he gave his speech.

But that's all over and done with now. Grieving must run its course quickly and life must go on, however severe the loss.

A last warning: ensure that you write a final will and testament before you die, and place your confidential documents that will be relevant at the time of your death in the hands of someone whom you can trust and who will not give them to some debt-ridden and money-hungry relatives. Perhaps I'm hinting, and perhaps I'm  not.

In closing, the avid reader may wonder why I included Hot Sex in this post's title. Well, as you can see, this post is as much about sex as some banks are about saving you money. Bad example? That's for you to think about. ;)


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