December 16, 2011

Love's True Face (Part I)

"Love is the summer sun that dries your crops, dehydrates your livestock and gives you heatstroke."

A friend of mine recently tweeted this and I simply could not ignore its fundamental truth.

I have neither the time, nor inclination, to delve into some long-winded explanation about why I take this stance, but let's just say that it has something to do with unrequited love, unappreciative friends and dying friendships (see my previous rant if this piques your interest).

When one loves someone so much that it hurts and even goes as far as to cause one to become (literally) ill or (literally) depressed, then love is indeed that unforgiving summer sun. Seeing the person you love together with someone else -- yes, you've guessed it -- then you're most definitely standing in that sun. And no amount of sunscreen, no pair of awesome designer sunglasses with polarized lenses and, unfortunately, no umbrella will help protect you -- you're all on your own, standing in that burning and unforgiving heat.

Some would say that it's nothing to worry about and that things will get better. Perhaps things will eventually get better, but sometimes a classic Shakespearean-tragedy-type ending is in order. But to the person standing in that unforgiving sun, the future really doesn't matter at that point in time. Instead, it's the heat, dehydration and the need to get to a shady spot (an accidental pun, but intended nonetheless) that really matters.

Am I standing in that sun right now? Yes and no is the most appropriate answer I can afford to give. If I am standing in it, I certainly hope to get out of it soon, and, if I am not, then I certainly hope that I'd never have to stand in it. Ever.

But we all know that that's not the way the proverbial cookie crumbles, unless you've gone and made little cracks in it beforehand. Life is unfair to the deserving and fair to the undeserving.



  1. True indeed, but can love not have reward worth the risk of the pain?

  2. 'Life is unfair to the deserving and fair to the undeserving.' - victim logic, that. Life is life, it acts consistently and will produce exactly the correct result for a given action, neither 'fairly' or 'unfairly'.