December 11, 2011

Phallus Logic and Dying Friendships

Do these two ideas have ANY sort of correlation?

I argue yes!

For the past few weeks (months?) I've been noticing that three of my friendships are busy dying. I guess that I should have seen this coming on for ages already, especially with one in particular, but playing ignorant just seemed to be the better option. This over being perceived as paranoid or depressive.

Ignorance is bliss, right? Sometimes. But when you're forced to choose between the red pill or the red pill, it's there where the dream, and the bliss, ends. Personally, I blame phallus logic for this, but I guess it's also a part of everyday life and, inevitably, growing up. It's sad though, especially when you've put so much work into a friendship and then discover that you could actually have done something else with that wasted time and energy.

Some would say that this is where one's family comes in. But if your friends are  like one's family, then I guess it's just unfortunate. In the words of my one friend: sucks for you. Well, sucks for me in this case.

When people go into relationships, it sometimes always sucks for at least one of the friends in the circle. One has to deal with feelings of abandonment, jealousy, loneliness and intimidation. Having to deal with older, existing friendships is also part of the order of the day. The general experience is that these friendships demand one's respect and reverence -- they're not to be touched, unless one feels like losing a friend. Along with this respect comes the ultimate no-no: comparison.

It's easy to tell someone that you shouldn't compare the two because your relationship is different to theirs. Really easy to say, but really difficult to believe and not to do. Especially when one's relationship with one's friend seems to be that much worse, compared to the friend's existing friendships. As if one is simply meaningless.

Add in the relationships and congratulations: you've got a dying friendship!

But the fact that one's friendships are dying out isn't the kicker here -- it's watching it happen, knowing that one's friends either do not realise what's going on or that they simply couldn't be bothered about it. This death sequence really sucks, but I guess this is the time to reminisce about the good (read bad) old days and how it all already slowly started to fall apart from there.

Phallus logic: the ultimate killer of friendships.

I guess I'll go crawl back into my hole now.


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