January 24, 2012

Little Big Mac


That's all I have to say for the Big Mac burger I bought just late yesterday evening at the local McDonald's near my campus.

On opening the burger and examining the patty, I noticed that mine appeared to be extra-small, as seen below -- an absolute crying shame! Gave my two friends quite a laugh though... :/

Seriously, these people should really step up the size of the patties. Such small things just can't do the burger justice!

I'm boycotting this burger now and rather sticking to the McChicken or something else that doesn't run the risk of coming with such a small patty.


The extra-small patty on my Big Mac burger.


  1. Is this the same Mc place opposite st peters square or is this on upper campus?

    1. Hey! I almost forgot about this comment! Yes, it's the one in Observatory. But when I recently bought another Big Mac there, the patty size was once more acceptable :)