March 16, 2012

Some Privacy, Please?

Much love and appreciation to all of my little fuzzballs out there!

So it's been a damn-right long time since my last post, and I must admit that it feels good to be posting again; this time, unfortunately, to complain about an office-mate of mine. Some people really have no manners whatsoever!

Here in our department, us Master's students are given office accommodation in the form of a cubicle, or desk space in a designated classroom, or otherwise. Now I'm very fortunate in that I was allocate to a cubicle in a lovely little tucked-away room in the department building, and have proceeded to make it my comfortable little love nest for when I do decide to come in and work on campus.

Only this morning, however, I discovered, on entering my space, that the person in the cubicle next to mine switched out my chair for his. I must say that I feel utterly violated!

Now I'm a very private person, and such behaviour shall not be tolerated by me! This is my space, and if someone like him can just wonder in, then how many more of my office mates do this? I feel violated now. Very, very, very violated!

Go and learn some manners! Poef!


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