September 30, 2012

Getting my Mysterious on with The High Priestess

II: The High Priestess (Rider-Waite deck).
Hello again, everyone.

Since I'm on a roll, I'd say that it's time for another post...

So, I'm currently still tumbling in the Tarot because I feel that it's awesome!

The other day, I decided to do a one-card reading before contacting a close friend of mine. The aim here was to have a rough idea of what I should keep in mind whilst conducting the conversation, but also to get a feel of the general overtone that I should expect. This sort of ties in with my previous post on the same situation.

This lead me to draw the infamous Lady Pope, or The High Priestess, second card in the Major Arcana and ruled by the Moon.

Admittedly, she can be quite difficult to interpret, as she is most often seen as the guardian to the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind and, accordingly, can represent a wide range of things. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, secrets, psychic experiences, spirituality, intuition, mystery and various feminine aspects.

In the context of my question, I'd suppose that this meant for me to exercise patience in my friendship and use my intuition to maneuver around the apparently sticky situation. In time, hopefully, all that is not apparent shall be made apparently -- just exercise patience. I also saw this as an excuse, if you may, to get my "mysterious" on. And that certainly was fun!

Until another time, may The High Priestess' mystery and allure be with you! ;-)


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