September 30, 2012

Looking Up in the Family Department; Leaving it Be...

9 of Cups: Happiness (Thoth deck).
 It is indeed I again.

I've recently had a visit from some family members and saw my cousin whom I haven't seen in almost three years. Had things gone my way, I'd have kept myself invisible for another five years, but who am I to argue with the fates?

This re-meeting touched me so, that I felt compelled to immediately get out my Thoth tarot deck and do a reading on the current situation concerning our relationship, especially since we hadn't seen each other in such a long time. I decided once more to make use of the spread that I'd outlined in a previous post.

To set the overall tone, I drew the 9 of Cups, also called Happiness. Entirely appropriate, especially considering that the suit of Cups deals with feelings and emotions. In terms of my question, this card agreed with the fact that I was feeling rather content and happy at having seen the old dear (my cousin, in case you've forgotten) after such a long time. Happiness indeed!

Now, to look at the three cards following it: 10 of Wands: Oppression, XVII: The Star and the Knight of Wands. Again, all are inverted.

10 of Wands: Oppression  XVII: The Star and the Knight of Wands, all inverted (Thoth deck).

The 10 of Wands is also called Oppression in the Thoth deck. In the inverted position, some interpretations suggest weariness and an oppressive period coming to an end with welcome feelings of happiness and generosity. I'd take this as an amplification of the meaning of the 9 of Cups.

The Star, seventeenth card in the Major Arcana and ruled by the star sign Aquarius, often augurs things like dashed hopes, privation, tension and arrogance. I also found another meaning, which I shall not disclose here, which actually suits my situation more, though the former interpretations above also hold well here. After all, no relationship is perfect, is it? Nevertheless, a needed break was taken, and the world still continued turning regardless.

Lastly we have the Thoth Knight of Wands. There is often much debate on whether this card actually corresponds to the Rider-Waite-Smith King of Wands or the Knight from the same deck. I choose to interpret the Thoth Knights as RWS Kings, as I feel that the Thoth Princes occupy the role of the RWS Knights. Going by the RWS interpretations, this may denote someone (usually a man) who is freedom-loving and selfish. Admittedly, I am like that most of the times when it comes to such matters. I enjoy my freedom and have my own plans, choosing not to tie myself down to something as transient and fickle as family. In the more abstract sense, agreements negotiations and leniency are suggested. Well, when a surprise reunion raises its head, I guess leniency obligatory. With regards to my original question, I suppose that some leniency, understanding and compassion is required from my side. After all, we are all human and don't go through a lot for nothing.

Seems like I've got an interesting time ahead now...

Until the next post,


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