September 29, 2012

Tumble in the Tarot: An Odd Friendship Situation

Hello again, everyone.

I must admit: it's been a really, really long time since I've last posted on this adorable little blog of mine. I blame work and personal life issues for this.

So I've decided to take another tumble in the tarot, since it's awesome like that. At the same time, I've designed a "new" spread for my personal use and applied it to a question I've had on my mind for the past time... I'll not bore you with the details (and there are so, so many of them), so will simply say that I've been querying about the status of one of my friendships.

The spread I've used consists of four cards, all drawn in order. The first card acts as a type of summary of the three cards that follow it, thus giving one a partial context in which to read the latter three cards with...

VI: The Lovers, inverted (Rider-Waite deck).
The first card I drew was The Lovers, sixth in the Major Arcana and ruled by the star sign Gemini. In the context of a friendship, this card struck me as rather odd, especially since it often augurs a relationship with strong romantic overtones (well, duh, they are the lovers after all!). On the other hand, The Lovers also can refer to a particularly deep, significant and meaningful relationship. Since I was querying a friendship, I'd say that this interpretation was better-suited to my needs. But one more thing remained: the card was drawn inverted...

Waite gives a rather succinct interpretation for The Lovers when they are drawn inverted; coming from the lovely little booklet included with any Rider-Waite deck: Failure, foolish designs. Other interpretations suggest an unstable relationship, where one of the partners is, or already is, attempting to control the other partner by some means. Jealousy, anger and disharmony are all prominent factors. Yet another interpretation, on a slightly different level, warns one not to make any irrevocable choices at the current time. In terms of my question, I'd say that all of the above are entirely accurate!

The remaining three cards drawn were the 5 of Swords, 4 of Swords, inverted, and The Chariot, inverted. These three cards are all read in one continuous sequence, as appropriate, bearing in mind the context and other ideas suggested by the first card. To avoid a long-winded explanation, I'll just go through them briefly in terms of my experiences.

5 of Swords, 4 of Swords, inverted, and VII: The Chariot, inverted (Rider-Waite deck).
The 5 of Swords most often refers to battles being fought and won. Looking at the artwork, I pretty much felt like the two men walking away from the battle. Clearly having been outsmarted and beaten.

The 4 of Swords, having appeared in another reading regarding the situation, refers to rest. The inverted position, in particular, augurs enforced rest. Some see this as a very powerful warning, especially considering that the Swords are an airy suite. For me, this would mean that I've still got to let things be as they are and not try anything strange (amplifies the warning of not making irrevocable choices, as suggested by The Lovers). In a previous reading, I got this card in the upright position, together with The Hanged Man. Again, the general idea here was rest and leaving things be.

Lastly, we have The Chariot, seventh card in the Major Arcana and ruled by the star sign Cancer. In both the upright and inverted positions, this card refers to great, bounded energy, moving with a purpose. The additional warnings with the inverted position include avarice, addiction and the loss of self-control. Another good interpretation suggested that I should stop and ask myself where exactly I am trying to go, what I am trying to achieve and not to try and make any movement, just for the sake of it (again harping on about not making irrevocable choices).

Well, what can I say? C'est la vie!

Until soon,


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