December 22, 2012

A Birthday Message: Prosperity, Change, Nostalgia and Sacrifice

Seems that insomnia has struck me, and I've been shuffling the cards in my Light and Shadow Tarot deck. And it's also a friend of mine's birthday. So, I thought, why not blog this particular draw and write a dual birthday message at the same time?

Let's go!

I've done a standard three-card spread, cards being read in sequence, and supplemented the reading with an additional card, providing a sort of afterthought or summary, if you may.

10 of Pentacles: Wealth, Prince of Swords, 6 of Cups: Pleasure. Deck: Light and Shadow Tarot.

I was surprised at seeing the 10 of Pentacles in this draw, to be honest. This card usually would mean some type of wealth coming in (usually form an inheritance), with the warning that it should be carefully spent: after all, money grows wings. Security and safety within one's family traditions and culture are also sometimes implied, as the Pentacles generally do not focus on any feelings per se. Thinking back, however, a sense of accomplishment and prosperity does sink in. It's something that I am, now, eternally grateful for!

Sometimes, the Prince of Swords can stand in for a young man with dark hair and (usually, but not always) fair skin. This man is often seen to be articulate, witty and clever. And also sometimes a little forceful. And then there are the negative interpretations: basically, this one's a straight-faced liar. Bad. Very bad. In the abstract sense, this card usually points to energies being at a peak, and the querent finding themselves in a position where rapid change may suddenly take over and/or having the energy to do what they need to do to move on in a particular situation. Here, I'd say that the abstract sense fits the reading more. Though the literal sense is not without its merits.

The 6 of Cups augurs some type of pleasure, usually associated with the past, particularly childhood memories or other forms of nostalgia. And now I'm in a nostalgic mood. :-) It's often fun to reflect on what is in the past, particularly happy memories, but there is also a gentle warning: don't live in the past to the exclusion of everything else! For me, I can now simply be grateful and smile at all the good times that are past, knowing that there'll be more in future.

12: The Hanged Man. Deck: Light and Shadow Tarot.
Finally, we have the summary and compliment to it all: The Hanged Man.

This is a card which I've seen plenty of times this year -- particularly at its beginning. The Hanged Man means willing sacrifice, letting go of a situation which may or may not be under one's control, being punished for some reason (whether this may be fairly or unfairly), acceptance of a temporary defeat in order to win, as well as a new awakening. Over this year I've learned to let go and accept lots of things, even when they involved me being punished unfairly for a good deed or similar. Of course, this willing sacrifice has its merits -- a new beginning and a new awakening! I've come to appreciate this card's meaning, as I've seen its significance in various facets of my life over and over again during this year. So I continue to look forward, for a new awakening is surely at hand!

So what has this reading got to do with a birthday message? Well, lessee...

Find security and safety in family traditions and culture. Prosperity shall most certainly come your way, if it is not already here. But beware: such prosperity is fragile! Always be sure to count your blessings and value every moment! Sometimes, change will sweep through your life, apparently seeming to upset everything. But don't despair at this -- change is a good thing, and will sometimes rid you of quite a few existing problems. Wind is awesome like that! Be careful of untrustworthy people, particularly new people. There'll always be a time when you'll have the pleasure to look back on the good memories that you've shared with someone. But don't do so to the exclusion of everything else! Always be ready to make more memories and don't let opportunities to make memories pass you by! Lastly, don't be scared to "let go" if a situation calls for it. Most times, this will work out to your advantage. It may not seem to me like that at that moment in time, but in due time you'll see its advantages. It is sometimes in choosing to lose a battle that you win the war. Meaningful and willing sacrifice usually is never in vain. Know that if you're forced to do it, that you'll most certainly come back stronger than before!

And, like that, I declare this post complete!

Love and Light,

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