December 20, 2012

Be an #ApocalypseSurvivor!

The next 24 hours will be the most critical! Will we still be around afterward?

Well, according to statistics, the world will most certainly end for some of us tomorrow. Hopefully I shall not be one of them!

The social networks aren't really buzzing yet, but people in Australia and New Zealand, bless them, haven't reported anything strange yet.

I have just returned from enjoying my "final" supper with some old friends of mine, so I decided to do a draw from my new tarot deck. Pizza and tarot: an excellent combination!

So what's the deal with 11:11am, GMT? That's apparently when the 13th Baktun ends. The Mayans today believe that this should not be a time to fear, but rather one to celebrate -- it's the start of a brand-new cycle and calendar!

So will I be celebrating tomorrow's time, or will I be holding onto one of my (un)fortunate friends like a baby sloth does to its mother?

We'll see... I present my "final" tarot reading to you all. This one comes from the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabitha Cicero of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. May you make of it what you wish and find the strength you'd need. An explanation of this spread can be found in one of the previous posts here somewhere. ;-)

The Queen of Swords, The Queen of Wands, 6: The Lovers, 4 of Wands (Earthly Power). Deck: Golden Dawn Magical Tarot, Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabitha Cicero.

Until soon, or until we meet in the next life and the Hereafter!

Love and Light,


PS Let's trend #ApocalypseSurvivor on Twitter! Keep the love going, guys! :-D
PPS Some of you may find this OMG Fact entertaining:

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