December 20, 2012

Drastic Change in Light and Shadow!

Hello again, everyone!

So I FINALLY got my new Light and Shadow Tarot deck. This little beauty, created by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams, features fresh and persuasive imagery in black and white. Though it's definitely a departure from the traditional colour images, I must say that I'm really impressed, especially since these were all hand-one on block prints -- helps bring the deck to life!

To test out the deck's temperament, I decided to do a dry-run reading. Three cards. Read in sequence. See them in the picture below.

0: The Fool, 1: The Magician, 13: The Endless Dance of Death. Deck: The Light and Shadow Tarot, Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams.

I do seem to know what this may mean for me. This holds true, even for the Endless Dance of Death. I'd foresee upbeat, complete and positive changes coming my way. Something that I am in much need of, considering circumstances!

But, let's make the circle bigger! I'd hope that these would help mean something to you too! ;-)



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