July 15, 2013


Guess what's on at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town? 

Yes, that's right! The Rocky Horror Show has come to town!

Yours truly decided to check out one of the performances in the last week and has graded it accordingly: excellent!

The awesome in-character ushers!
This was my first time at the Fugard so, naturally, I initially found the intimacy of the venue to be something entirely new but entirely pleasing at the same time. I mean, all these awesome in-character ushers bumping into your personal space every few minutes? Thoroughly enjoyable! :-D (no sarcasm here)

They also had these nifty partici ... pation packs on sale before the show, so that the audience may also participate in the show's proceedings: from braving the rain with Brad and Janet with only a newspaper, to helping shower the newly-married Dr Frank-'n-Furter  and Rocky with the remaining confetti and streamers.
Totally got my partici ... pation on!

The show itself deserved the most honourable of mentions, with Brendan van Rhyn literally blowing everyone in the audience away with his impeccable performance as Frank-'n-Furter. (I can still hear dear Janel gasping and wow-ing in her seat next to me!) At the risk of not naming other cast members (no judgement, please, I only do this to avoid the digression I already want to get into), I'll also concede that the performances by the rest of the actors were just as impressive. My favourites: Magenta, Columbia (I've always had a soft spot for groupies), Riff Raff, Brad, Janet and Rocky. Wait... that's almost everyone!

As with Così fan tutte last year, artistic direction by Matthew Wild was once more impressive; I am surely looking forward to this year's production of Don Giovanni after the Rocky Horror run!

If you haven't already done so, I'd suggest that you book your tickets and go see the show. And dress up if you're lucky enough to attend a dress-up night!

Biased Score: 70.4/100
Unbiased Score: 99.3/100
Final Score: 104.85/100